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Positioning of East China CNC "PERFECTION" Culture

"PERFECTION" is the active choice of resources and environment in the development process of HDCNC. For a long time, the development of machine tool manufacturing industry, industry culture, regional history and culture have all had a positive and far-reaching impact on the formation and development of HDCNC company culture. In the fast-developing and fast-developing social environment, HDCNC has made unremitting efforts, innovated, and bravely climbed, reaching one new goal after another, advancing in leap forward, and developing in perfection.

"PERFECTION" is an excellent cultural gene accumulated by HDCNC in the development process. HDCNC has not only a strong sense of change and a keen eye for development, but also the courage and confidence to dare to change and dare to surpass. In the past of enterprise development, HDCNC has overcome many difficulties and obstacles, and has taken on the failures and setbacks again and again, which has made the company go through a difficult period of entrepreneurship and achieved today's achievements. These outstanding cultural accumulations and cultural atmospheres have played a positive role in helping enterprises to overcome difficult obstacles and get rid of temporary dilemmas, and have provided sufficient impetus for leapfrog development of enterprises.

"PERFECTION" is the mission entrusted to HDCNC by National Industry in the new historical period. The new era and new environment have given HDCNC a new mission. In the tide of increasingly fierce industry competition, HDCNC keeps pace with the times, proactively changes, optimizes resource allocation, changes development thinking, and actively participates in the ranks of enterprise development, industry revitalization and social progress. Adhering to the traditional spirit of dedication and perfection, HDCNC will continue to carry the banner of rejuvenating the national industry and be the first to fight hard.

The core connotation of East China CNC "PERFECTION" culture

Make the best use of resources and make resources better. Break through the constraints of resources and the environment, constantly use capital advantages to optimize resource allocation, create leading products, shape brand image, and form competitive advantages; activate development and improve by innovation. Breaking the restrictions of traditional management thinking and operation methods, introducing new thinking and new technology, promoting the creative spirit of Qilu culture, keeping up with the trend of the information age, taking the path of scientific development and innovative development; good at focusing on quality and goodness. Beyond the bottleneck of industry development, relying on leading technological advantages and talent advantages, machine tools with high casting technology content and good product quality, win the market with quality; market positioning to seek improvement. Beyond geographical restrictions, look at the global market, adjust the strategic layout, while stabilizing the domestic competitive position, go global, actively participate in market competition in the field of international machine tool manufacturing, and create new levels of growth.

Win-win and win-win, with tolerance and perfection. Tolerate the cultural differences of various stakeholders, learn from each other's strengths, seek common ground while shelving differences, integrate excellent cultures, reach a common vision, form an integrated enterprise core competitiveness, and achieve harmonious development and win-win results for multiple parties.


Enterprise vision Committed to becoming the most influential leading brand in the machine tool manufacturing industry

Corporate mission Promote industry development Revitalize national industry Create human-based value

Core values

Entrepreneurial spirit, pragmatic, honest, innovative and beyond

Law of Perfection

Development concept Limited resources and unlimited creation

Operation concept

Talent Philosophy

Innovative ideas Emancipate the mind and dare to be the first

Concept of Responsibility

Execution Philosophy

Honesty and Integrity

Crisis Ideas Prepare for the Future


Employee boundary

Please consciously abide by national laws and remind yourself at all times not to have chances;

We cannot tolerate the private use or possession of public funds or properties;

We can't tolerate you claiming rebates in your business dealings for personal gain;

Be sure to protect confidential information, and its loss will be a fatal blow to the company;

False reporting not only violates company regulations, but also exposes you to prison;

Please do not create or spread rumors, especially for corporate reputation and image.

Success path

Humble, learn from others;

Be silent, talk less and think more;

Temperance, learn to stop;

Saving, hard to understand;

Determination, courage to take the initiative;

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